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The Collapse of Nature

Orphan Black, Season 4, Episode 1

Orphan Black | Season 4 | From Instinct to Rational Control

First aired on 14-04-2016

Episode Synopsis

After two months of respite, Sarah's hard-won refuge in Iceland is shattered by a Neolution attack. Once again forced to flee, she realizes no matter how far her family runs it will never be far enough.

Episode Recap

Deep in the night in the woods, a masked clone observes the burial of a man by a couple dressed in paramedic uniforms. Accidentally creating noise, she quickly leaves a sticker on a tree bark and contacts Beth Childs, sending co-ordinates near the burial. Beth heads to the bathroom to prepare for work and it is revealed she has snorts cocaine hidden under her ink. Paul promises her to make dinner before she goes outside and lightly pecks her. Meanwhile, the clone in the woods takes off her mask, visibly shaken and the right side of her face obscured by hair.


Director:John Fawcett
Writer:John Fawcett
Starring:Tatiana Maslany
Starring:Jordan Gavaris
Starring:Dylan Bruce
Starring:Kevin Hanchard
Starring:Kristian Bruun
Starring:Maria Doyle Kennedy
Starring:Matt Frewer
Starring:Skyler Wexler
Starring:David Richmond-Peck
Starring:Sarain Boylan
Starring:Inga Cadranel
Starring:Ron Lea
Starring:Ian Matthews
Starring:Miranda Edwards
Starring:Allie MacDonald
Starring:Jessalyn Wanlim
Starring:Gord Rand
Starring:Raymond Ablack
Starring:Jean Yoon
Starring:Alex Ozerov
Starring:Michael Chwastiak
Starring:Jonathan Nathaniel
Starring:Jade Hassouné
Starring:Monika Schurmann
Starring:Ava Arrindell
Starring:Uni Park
Starring:Marc Andrew Smith