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Orphan Black, Season 3, Episode 7

Orphan Black | Season 3 | Episode 7 | Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate

First aired on 30-05-2015

Episode Synopsis

Alison must secure a store front in order to take her and Donnie’s business to the “next level.” But things don’t go according to plan when her mother, Connie, proves to be a major hindrance. Cosima is facing familiar health issues and calls upon beleaguered Alison for a favor. But with Alison working to save an imperiled Donnie from the merciless hands of a drug lord, it’s Cosima who ends up doing a favor. An unassuming Scott gets closer to the greatest discovery of all, when he sits down with beleaguered clone Rachel.


Director:Ken Girotti
Writer:Sherry White
Starring:Tatiana Maslany
Starring:Jordan Gavaris
Starring:Ari Millen
Starring:Kristian Bruun
Starring:Evelyne Brochu
Starring:Maria Doyle Kennedy
Starring:Ksenia Solo
Starring:Justin Chatwin
Starring:Sheila McCarthy
Starring:Josh Vokey
Starring:Amanda Brugel
Starring:Terra Hazelton
Starring:Trenna Keating
Starring:Tony Cianchino
Starring:David Vena
Starring:Jessica Salgueiro
Starring:Allen Keng
Starring:Michelle Arvizu
Starring:Alejandro Ampudia
Starring:David Bronfman
Starring:Mary Kelly
Starring:Ivana Ruegg