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Sarah Manning

Sarah Manning is the central character and main protagonist introduced in Orphan Black. She is the first female clone introduced in the series and although Sarah was born in the UK, she and her foster brother Felix Dawkins were raised in Canada by their Irish foster mother Mrs. S.. At the beginning of the series, she was introduced as a con artist and thief on the run from her abusive ex-boyfriend Vic and to develop a better relationship with her eight-year-old biological daughter Kira. But she took on Beth Childs’ identity upon witnessing Beth’s death, originally as a scam to steal Beth’s savings, but then got drawn into the hidden conspiracy of illegal human cloning.

Sarah is best friends with her foster brother Felix, and also best friends with fellow clones Cosima Niehaus, a scientist and Alison Hendrix, a soccer mom. She originally had an antagonist relationship with Helena, who is later revealed to be Sarah’s twin sister by her surrogate mother, Amelia. But as of now, she and Helena have a rather interesting friendship. She, however has a mainly antagonist relationship with Rachel Duncan, another clone who is a member of the Dyad Institute and has a strong interest in Sarah and her daughter Kira. She has a complicated relationship with her foster mother, Mrs S. and has an love-hate romantic relationship with Beth’s boyfriend, Paul Dierden.

Sarah is described as street-smart, tough and at first wants no part of the other clones, caring only about getting together enough money to start over somewhere else with Kira and Felix, but discovers that she cares about others more than she thought.

During the events of Season 2, upon retrieving Kira she leaves her daughter with her ex-boyfriend and the biological father Cal Morrison, refusing to tell him about the clone conspiracy. Sarah battles Dyad and Rachel and soon discovers Helena survived after she shot her in the chest, much to her shock. When she digs into the origins of the experiment she is stunned to learn Mrs. S helped Ethan Duncan many years ago and remains distrustful of her foster mother. Sarah reluctantly considers bringing Kira to Dyad in order to try and save Cosima’s life. Sarah arranges for Kira’s bone marrow to be extracted and taken to Dyad for Cosima’s treatment, however Rachel manages to kidnap Kira and destroys the bone marrow. Sarah surrenders to Dyad in hopes they will release Kira, Dyad plans on extracting one of her ovaries. Sarah manages to escape with Kira, thanks to Marion Bowles. Marion also introduces Sarah to one of the male clones created by the military.