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M.K., the newly discovered clone that lives off the grid, is hiding from Neolution. Having retreated from society, she sought out an online community among other hackers. She rarely meets face-to-face and on the off chance she does, she prefers to hide behind a sheep mask. But M.K. knows a lot more than her clone sisters and may hold pertinent information that could reveal answers to their burning questions.

Much of Veera’s early life is shown in the limited comic series Orphan Black: Helsinki. Veera has met Rachel Duncan at 1991 in a DYAD testing facility where a fire that supposedly killed Ethan Duncan and Susan Duncan broke out and scarred the right side of her face permanently. In her teenage life, she has become adept in computer hacking but is on a habit of taking Risperdal.

In “The Chaos Strategy”, she discovers that her uncle is her monitor after finding a surveillance device in her room and spits at him in disgust. Hacking through his e-mail, she uncovers the names and schools of two more clones, one of which – Niki Lintula – lives in Tapiola, a city nearby Helsinki. Veera exits her house through her bedroom window and steals her uncle’s car, heading for Niki’s school.

Season 4

In “The Collapse of Nature”, prior to the first episode of the series, M.K had been helping Beth Childs through investigations related to Neolution. M.K, in a sheep mask, stumbles through a forest and spies on a white man, Frank and a black woman, Roxie in pandemic uniforms burying a body before kissing. M.K is startled, catching the attention of both. Before they can come after her, M.K leaves a teddy bear sticker on the tree she was hiding behind and runs away from the scene. She tells Beth about what she has witnessed thereafter.

Beth later meets with M.K. in a junkyard trailer, who communicates with her over the Internet, warning her not to trust anybody, alluding to the fact that Art, or even Paul are potentially watching her as part of an experiment. This leads to Beth’s greater suspicion of Paul, leading her to try to force sex upon him. Upon his refusal, she motions to shoot him in the head but later retreats once he begins to open up emotionally, proposing that the two take a vacation.

Sarah is contacted by M.K six months later and M.K. tells her that Neolutionists are aware of their location in Iceland and that they are coming to retrieve Kendall Malone. She tells them to run immediately.

In “Transgressive Border Crossing”, Sarah attempts to find M.K. When she is contacted again, M.K. reveals to Sarah about the dangers of delving too deep and getting consumed by it like Beth. The night of Beth’s suicide is shown, and M.K is heartbroken that Beth is planning to leave somewhere, and has cut off ties with the other girls. Beth tells her that she has screwed up, and leaves, saying goodbye to a tearful M.K. When Sarah discovers M.K. she drives off and leaves her.