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Ophan Black | Characters | Helena


Helena is the product of a cloning project and was born around 1984. Her birth mother, Amelia, was apparently approached by scientists posing as a couple who needed a surrogate mother to deliver their child via in-vitro fertilization. Realizing that the children in her were special and possibly in danger, Amelia ran and delivered twins: Helena and Sarah.

Unable to provide for them and knowing the danger the children were in, she gave them away. Sarah became an orphan and was eventually taken in by Mrs. S, while Helena was given to a convent in Ukraine.

Eventually, when she was 12, Helena was found by Tomas and Maggie Chen. Under their tutelage, Helena was told about the other clones then led to believe that she was the original among them. She was harshly trained to be a killer, particularly a killer of her clones.

In Europe, she was able to hunt down and kill three clones: Janika Zingler, Aryanna Giordano, and Danielle Fournier. She also found Katja Obinger, who then traveled to Canada. She and her mentors followed her there, where they found other clones.

Helena is at once psychotic and childlike. Despite being a proven killer, capable of firing a sniper rifle and wielding a unique fish pommeled dagger as her close range weapon of choice, she enjoys sugary products and exhibits childlike mannerisms at times. She appears to have spent much of her time in the ramshackle abode with Tomas and Maggie, who possibly trained her cold-heartedly and have been psychologically manipulating her. Helena self-mutilates, and has multiple scars on her back that somewhat resemble wings.