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Orphan Black | Characters | Felix Dawkins

Felix Dawkins

Felix Dawkins is Sarah’s younger foster brother and most trusted confidante. A struggling artist with a store of sugar daddies at his beck and call, Felix has been a pillar of strength for Sarah and her new found sisters. Caustic, dramatic and quick-witted, his tongue often lands him in hot water. Felix’s heart is in the right place – firmly planted with his sister – but as the conspiracy unravels, he finds himself struggling to understand his true place in this new dynamic. Learning that Sarah is literally related to everyone, including their foster mum, leaves Felix desperate to individuate from his family.

Season 1

Felix is the first person Sarah meets with when she gets back in town. She then tells her about Beth Childs, who she had just seen commit suicide at the train station. He then inevitably becomes involved in Sarah’s plans, beginning with letting him identify Beth’s body as her, so Sarah can get away from her abusive boyfriend Felix so appropriately nicknamed “Vic the Dick”, and so that she can pretend to be Beth just until she can get the $75,000 from her bank.

Vic, knowing that Felix is Sarah’s closest friend in town, looks for her through him. After lying to him about Sarah’s death and her stolen cocaine, he is forced into helping Vic prepare her death. Pissed at Sarah when he finds out that she might need to leave and go on the run again, Felix agrees to help Vic plan her funeral and wake, using all the money from the stolen cocaine for it. Felix also helps Sarah clear things with Mrs. S so that her daughter, Kira, doesn’t end up thinking she is dead.

Felix’s introduction into the “clone club” is also quite awkward, as he meets the soccer mom Alison Hendrix with a gun pointed at him, and then the dreadlocked geeky Cosima, who Felix finds more attractive than Sarah, almost immediately, not giving Felix the time to absorb the shock. While Sarah tries not to stress about it, Felix stresses the strangeness of the position she is in.

Season 2

Felix continued to help Sarah and the other clones. He is even is unwillingly pulled into a road trip while Sarah escaped Mrs. S with Kira and Kira’s father, Cal Morrison. Though he managed to return home some time after, he was still knee-deep in his responsibilities to Sarah. At one point, Rachel Duncan had Paul Dierden frame Felix for murder in order to get Sarah to submit herself, along with Kira and Helena, to Dyad.