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The Characters of Orphan Black

Sarah Manning

Sarah Manning | Orphan Black | Characters

Sarah Manning is the central character and main protagonist introduced in Orphan Black. She is […]

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Alison Hendrix

Orphan Black Characters | Alison Hendrix

Alison Hendrix is a clone of Canadian origin on Orphan Black. Alison had already been […]

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Cosima Niehaus

Orphan Black Characters | Cosima Niehaus

Cosima Niehaus is a clone of American origin on Orphan Black. She befriended Sarah Manning […]

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Beth Childs

Orphan Black | Characters | Beth Childs

Beth is Sarah’s entry point into the mystery. She is revealed backwards from the moment […]

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Ophan Black | Characters | Helena

Helena is the product of a cloning project and was born around 1984. Her birth […]

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Orphan Black | Characters | M.K.

M.K., the newly discovered clone that lives off the grid, is hiding from Neolution. Having […]

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Rachel Duncan

Orphan Black | Characters | Rachel Duncan

Rachel was the first female clone raised self-aware of her origin. Susan and Ethan Duncan […]

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Felix Dawkins

Orphan Black | Characters | Felix Dawkins

Felix Dawkins is Sarah’s younger foster brother and most trusted confidante. A struggling artist with […]

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