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Orphan Black | Characters | Felix Dawkins

Felix Dawkins

Felix Dawkins is Sarah’s younger foster brother and most trusted confidante. A struggling artist with a store of sugar daddies at his beck and call, Felix has been a pillar of strength for Sarah and her new found sisters. Caustic, dramatic and quick-witted, his tongue often lands him in hot water. Felix’s heart is in the right place – firmly planted with his sister – but as the conspiracy unravels, he finds himself struggling to understand his true place in this new dynamic. Learning that Sarah is literally related to everyone, including their foster mum, leaves Felix desperate to individuate from his family.

Season 1

Felix is the first person Sarah meets with when she gets back in town. She then tells her about Beth Childs, who she had just seen commit suicide at the train station. He then inevitably becomes involved in Sarah’s plans, beginning with letting him identify Beth’s body as her, so Sarah can get away from her abusive boyfriend Felix so appropriately nicknamed “Vic the Dick”, and so that she can pretend to be Beth just until she can get the $75,000 from her bank.

Vic, knowing that Felix is Sarah’s closest friend in town, looks for her through him. After lying to him about Sarah’s death and her stolen cocaine, he is forced into helping Vic prepare her death. Pissed at Sarah when he finds out that she might need to leave and go on the run again, Felix agrees to help Vic plan her funeral and wake, using all the money from the stolen cocaine for it. Felix also helps Sarah clear things with Mrs. S so that her daughter, Kira, doesn’t end up thinking she is dead.

Felix’s introduction into the “clone club” is also quite awkward, as he meets the soccer mom Alison Hendrix with a gun pointed at him, and then the dreadlocked geeky Cosima, who Felix finds more attractive than Sarah, almost immediately, not giving Felix the time to absorb the shock. While Sarah tries not to stress about it, Felix stresses the strangeness of the position she is in.

Season 2

Felix continued to help Sarah and the other clones. He is even is unwillingly pulled into a road trip while Sarah escaped Mrs. S with Kira and Kira’s father, Cal Morrison. Though he managed to return home some time after, he was still knee-deep in his responsibilities to Sarah. At one point, Rachel Duncan had Paul Dierden frame Felix for murder in order to get Sarah to submit herself, along with Kira and Helena, to Dyad.

Orphan Black | Characters | Rachel Duncan

Rachel Duncan

Rachel was the first female clone raised self-aware of her origin. Susan and Ethan Duncan are her parents, however, they faked their deaths when Rachel was six-years-old and turned her over to the DYAD Institute to be reared by Neolution. Raised as a corporate cutthroat, Rachel learned to make ruthless decisions toward Neolution’s end goal of creating a ‘better human,’ but growing up this way only served to bolster her desire for power and harden her against her sisters. Stripped of family, Rachel’s one weakness is her blinding hatred of Sarah and jealousy of her motherhood. After suffering brain damage at Sarah’s hands, Rachel was brought to a mysterious headquarters where she was reunited with her mother. As much as Rachel longed for this possibility, she loathes Susan for abandoning her. As she recovers, she makes gradual steps in repairing their relationship.

Season 1

In “Unconscious Selection”, Rachel is first seen when Aldous Leekie calls to tell her that Sarah Manning hasn’t shown up to bring Helena to him. She simply tells him that blood is thicker than he thinks and hangs up. Her back is turned but the reflection of her face is vaguely seen in a window.

In Endless Forms Most Beautiful, Sarah is taken out of police custody by Daniel Rosen and brought to Rachel at the Dyad Institute. Rachel tries to get Sarah to sign a contract with the promise of answers and protection for Sarah and Kira. When Sarah refuses, Rachel asks her to take 24 hours to reconsider. Later, Sarah calls Rachel and tells her that she doesn’t want Kira to live the way she has, to which Rachel agrees and Sarah agrees to come in. When Alison signs her contract and emails it to Rachel, Rachel tells Rosen, “one down, two to go.” When Cosima Niehaus tells Sarah that Rachel’s offer of freedom is a lie, that all the clones were patented, Sarah sends Rachel a text message saying “Up yours, Proclone” and runs to get to Kira. Rachel makes a phone call and says, “You know what to do.” It can be speculated that Rachel initiated a kidnapping attempt of Kira and Mrs. S.

Season 2

In “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed”, while Sarah is on the run from Dyad, Rachel calls Sarah using Paul’s phone and tells her that Sarah can see Kira and Mrs. S again if she surrenders herself. Later, Rachel tells Paul that he is in fortunate position because he knows how Sarah thinks. She then goes into Leekie’s office and tells him that she needs his office for “both of the Koreas.” She then asks Paul if he’s ever been to Taiwan and if he speaks Mandarin. He answers no to both. She tells him to pack a bag and that they leave on Tuesday. When Paul leaves, Leekie asks Rachel, while she ties his bow tie, if she actually kidnapped Kira and Mrs. S. She tells him the less he knows, the better. He asks if they even need Sarah and she tells him that they do. She tells him that Rosen will recover Sarah and that he has to prepare for the night’s party. During the Dyad party, Sarah goes dressed as Cosima and goes down to Rachel’s office. Without turning to see who’s entered her office, Rachel knows it is Sarah. When Sarah demands to see her daughter, holding a gun, Rachel tells her that when her people arrived at Mrs. S’s house, they were already gone. Rachel tells her calmly, “You’re not going to shoot me, Sarah.” Sarah then shoots a glass plant holder very close to Rachel’s head, making a scared Rachel back away from her. Rachel tells Sarah that there are others after the clones and that together they can find Kira. Sarah strikes Rachel across the face and knocks Rachel to the ground. Sarah kneels down and holds the gun to Rachel’s face. Rachel tells her that nobody lays hands on her, then Sarah tells her that Rachel doesn’t own Sarah and the other clones. Paul comes in with his gun drawn and tells Sarah to put her gun down. Rachel gets a look of relief and then smirks at Sarah. Sarah then hits Rachel across the face with her gun and Rachel falls unconscious.

In “Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion”, Rachel walks into Cosima’s lab at Dyad when she’s making out with Delphine. Rachel and Cosima introduce themselves. Rachel tells Delphine that she’ll have to sign a new confidentiality agreement and dismisses her. Rachel shows Cosima the results of her latest medical exam from University of Minnesota. It shows a high lymphocyte count like Katja Obinger. Rachel gives her Katja’s data. When Cosima asks to examine the original genome, Rachel tells her that is impossible and that Cosima’s health problems stem from the cloning procedure. She then gives her data on Sarah’s upbringing and her sequenced genome. Rachel wants to know why Sarah is different from all the others.

In “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”, Rachel comes into her room where it is being cleaned after Daniel being killed by Helena. Leekie tries to dissuade her, but Rachel wishes to see what Helena did. Rachel bends over Daniel’s body and closes his eyes. Paul tells her that Sarah didn’t kill him; Rachel recognizes Helena’s handiwork. Rachel looks disturbed when she notices one of her videotapes in the VCR. Leekie tells her that all this is a result of her heavy-handedness. She tells him that she’s only begun. Later, Rachel is in her office with Paul and Leekie. She tells Paul that she needs a new monitor now that Daniel is dead. She tells him that even though she has been self-aware since childhood, she is not exempt from the program. After Leekie tells her that he’s had some success in creating a cure for Cosima’s illness, she tells him to halt the test; until Sarah gives herself up, Cosima will suffer. While watching the Cambridge 1991 videotape that Sarah looked at, Rachel tells Paul that Sarah’s trying to learn everything about her, like Rachel is trying to learn everything about Sarah. She also tells Paul that even though he reports her data to Leekie, he works for her. She tells him that when her adoptive parents died, Leekie became like a guardian to her. Rachel wants to know if Cal Morrison is Kira’s father; Paul tells her that the timeline fits. She then gives Paul the gun that Daniel used to murder Officer Tom Bowman with. It is assumed that she has him frame Felix for the murder. Later that night, Rachel has Paul in her apartment and has sex with him. Little does she know that she is almost killed by Helena until Sarah convinces her not to.

In “Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things”, comes to Mrs. S’s house with Paul to meet with Ethan Duncan, her adoptive father, who she assumed had died in a fire years earlier. Mrs. S tells Rachel that she has 15 minutes to talk with him and that if anyone makes a move on her house, she will kill Ethan. Rachel sits at the kitchen table with Ethan and he explains to her what really happened to her adoptive mother, Susan Duncan. Ethan asks Rachel to forgive him and she starts crying. Later, at the Dyad Institute, Rachel is standing in her office when Leekie enters. Rachel tells him that her father sends his regards. Realizing that Rachel knows the truth about her parents, Leekie tells her that he had no choice because the Duncans were going to run away with Rachel and because they set the science of cloning back decades. While Leekie is standing next to her, Rachel calls Marion Bowles on speakerphone where they talk about how it has been arranged for Leekie to be killed. After hanging up, Rachel tells a scared Leekie to leave and that if he doesn’t get in his car or go home, he might survive. She tells him that it’s foolish to help him but she does it because Leekie raised her. Leekie lightly kisses her on the forehead and hurries from the office. Leekie is accidentally shot and killed by Donnie Hendrix in his car, and the information of how he died is kept from Rachel.

In “Variable and Full of Perturbation”, she invites Ethan to Dyad and asks him about the clones’ biology, specifically why Sarah can bear children and the others cannot. He reveals to her that because all of the clones were “barren by design,” Sarah was a “failure, not a success.” She is angered and upset by this information, but does not show it; so she imagines throwing a fit in Leekie’s office, crying and breaking things.

In “Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done”, Rachel promotes Delphine to Interim Director of the Program in Leekie’s absence. Rachel tells Delphine to persuade Sarah to allow Kira to donate bone marrow, which would save Cosima’s life (Cosima had coughed up a severe amount of blood and fallen to the ground in a seizure in the previous episode, the disease spreading further through her body). Sarah agrees. Rachel meets with Dr. Marion Bowles and the two have a passive-aggressive conversation regarding Rachel’s new knowledge of her family, appointing Delphine as chair of the program, and the question of whether Rachel is in control of Sarah. Rachel goes into her viewing room to watch old family videos of her with the Duncans; she first laughs with joy at the happy family, drinking a martini, but then she begins to cry out of sadness. She also slaps herself while saying the words “stupid” over and over again, beginning at first with gentle hits but then progressing to more firm ones. She then looks longingly at photos of Sarah and Kira together. She then calls a man named Dr. Nealon asking for his “expertise”, while putting on a leather hooded coat. Rachel then invites Delphine back to Leekie’s office (which she is currently occupying), where Delphine sees an email containing information about a Dyad asset whom she saw with Mrs. S, Sarah, and Felix. She then masquerades as Sarah, sedating Felix and taking Kira back to Dyad. She holds Kira in a special room, adorned all in pink and “girly” decor. Kira is afraid and Rachel tells her that she “may grow to like it here, just as I [she] did.”

In “By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried”, Sarah gives herself up to Dyad in order to get Kira back. Rachel, in an attempt to keep her from helping the clones, tells Delphine that she will be transferring to Frankfurt, Germany. Rachel interacts with Kira, trying to turn her against her mother, as Sarah watches through a one way mirror. Rachel had taken her father prisoner and is watching family videos with him in the viewing room. She pours them tea and he uses his own tea bag, laced with poison so he may kill himself before he reveals any vital information. He dies as he says, “my poor, poor Rachel,” and she tearfully, angrily, and violently begs him not to leave her again. As Sarah is being prepared for her oophorectomy, to remove one of her ovaries, Rachel asks her where Ethan’s key to the synthetic sequences is. Sarah tells her that she does not know, but Rachel does not believe it. She destroys Kira’s bone marrow one by one. As Rachel is about to leave, Sarah shoots her in the eye with a pencil, using a gun fashioned out of a fire extinguisher created by Scott and Cosima.

Season 3

In the “The Weight of This Combination”, it is revealed that Rachel survived the pencil through her eye as she receives surgery for its removal. Dr. Nealon informs Delphine that Rachel’s left eye is lost and that she has sustained damage to her frontal lobe. Though impairment is unknown at this point, it appears that Rachel is suffering from signs of apraxia of speech[2], as she is able to recall her memories but experiences difficulty in verbalizing her thoughts. Delphine interrogates Rachel by painfully squeezing her left eye socket in order to learn more about Ferdinand’s agenda with Dyad.

In “Certain Agony of the Battlefield”, she is seen painting. She is still having trouble forming words, as we see when Felix, desperate to find Sarah, attempts to interrogate Rachel about Castor. When she tries to stutter the word “rumors”, he thumps her on the head with her paintbrush and says Castor isn’t rumors; it is very real and they have Sarah. He paints her eye patch blue, and Rachel says she won’t help him if he humiliates her. She is last seen alone and crying while painting a blue symbol like a line between two small circles, while looking at a picture of her younger self and her dad.

Orphan Black | Characters | M.K.


M.K., the newly discovered clone that lives off the grid, is hiding from Neolution. Having retreated from society, she sought out an online community among other hackers. She rarely meets face-to-face and on the off chance she does, she prefers to hide behind a sheep mask. But M.K. knows a lot more than her clone sisters and may hold pertinent information that could reveal answers to their burning questions.

Much of Veera’s early life is shown in the limited comic series Orphan Black: Helsinki. Veera has met Rachel Duncan at 1991 in a DYAD testing facility where a fire that supposedly killed Ethan Duncan and Susan Duncan broke out and scarred the right side of her face permanently. In her teenage life, she has become adept in computer hacking but is on a habit of taking Risperdal.

In “The Chaos Strategy”, she discovers that her uncle is her monitor after finding a surveillance device in her room and spits at him in disgust. Hacking through his e-mail, she uncovers the names and schools of two more clones, one of which – Niki Lintula – lives in Tapiola, a city nearby Helsinki. Veera exits her house through her bedroom window and steals her uncle’s car, heading for Niki’s school.

Season 4

In “The Collapse of Nature”, prior to the first episode of the series, M.K had been helping Beth Childs through investigations related to Neolution. M.K, in a sheep mask, stumbles through a forest and spies on a white man, Frank and a black woman, Roxie in pandemic uniforms burying a body before kissing. M.K is startled, catching the attention of both. Before they can come after her, M.K leaves a teddy bear sticker on the tree she was hiding behind and runs away from the scene. She tells Beth about what she has witnessed thereafter.

Beth later meets with M.K. in a junkyard trailer, who communicates with her over the Internet, warning her not to trust anybody, alluding to the fact that Art, or even Paul are potentially watching her as part of an experiment. This leads to Beth’s greater suspicion of Paul, leading her to try to force sex upon him. Upon his refusal, she motions to shoot him in the head but later retreats once he begins to open up emotionally, proposing that the two take a vacation.

Sarah is contacted by M.K six months later and M.K. tells her that Neolutionists are aware of their location in Iceland and that they are coming to retrieve Kendall Malone. She tells them to run immediately.

In “Transgressive Border Crossing”, Sarah attempts to find M.K. When she is contacted again, M.K. reveals to Sarah about the dangers of delving too deep and getting consumed by it like Beth. The night of Beth’s suicide is shown, and M.K is heartbroken that Beth is planning to leave somewhere, and has cut off ties with the other girls. Beth tells her that she has screwed up, and leaves, saying goodbye to a tearful M.K. When Sarah discovers M.K. she drives off and leaves her.

Ophan Black | Characters | Helena


Helena is the product of a cloning project and was born around 1984. Her birth mother, Amelia, was apparently approached by scientists posing as a couple who needed a surrogate mother to deliver their child via in-vitro fertilization. Realizing that the children in her were special and possibly in danger, Amelia ran and delivered twins: Helena and Sarah.

Unable to provide for them and knowing the danger the children were in, she gave them away. Sarah became an orphan and was eventually taken in by Mrs. S, while Helena was given to a convent in Ukraine.

Eventually, when she was 12, Helena was found by Tomas and Maggie Chen. Under their tutelage, Helena was told about the other clones then led to believe that she was the original among them. She was harshly trained to be a killer, particularly a killer of her clones.

In Europe, she was able to hunt down and kill three clones: Janika Zingler, Aryanna Giordano, and Danielle Fournier. She also found Katja Obinger, who then traveled to Canada. She and her mentors followed her there, where they found other clones.

Helena is at once psychotic and childlike. Despite being a proven killer, capable of firing a sniper rifle and wielding a unique fish pommeled dagger as her close range weapon of choice, she enjoys sugary products and exhibits childlike mannerisms at times. She appears to have spent much of her time in the ramshackle abode with Tomas and Maggie, who possibly trained her cold-heartedly and have been psychologically manipulating her. Helena self-mutilates, and has multiple scars on her back that somewhat resemble wings.

Orphan Black | Characters | Beth Childs

Beth Childs

Beth is Sarah’s entry point into the mystery. She is revealed backwards from the moment of her death, as Sarah takes on her identity and reconstructs her last days. By literally becoming Beth, part of Sarah’s journey lies in understanding her, and she comes to deeply respect the valiant, damaged cop she so rashly switched places with.