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big shout-out to all the fanartists who painstakingly draw all of Newt’s tattoos and big shout-out to all the fanartists who are just like “fuckit” and do some scribbles

you are all the MVPs and you are all valid and I love you


“Cas…” Sam says, carefully. “Dean, he, um. Maybe I shouldn’t say this, but, um. He loves you.” This last pushed out in a rush, like some kind of confession.

Cas scowls in confusion. “Yes,” he says. “I know. I love him, too.”

“Right.” Sam sighs, which isn’t the reaction Cas expects. “Right, sure. But, I mean. Like, loves in… in the human way.”

“Yes,” Cas agrees. “Dean desires sexual and romantic intimacy but is unsure how to pursue it with an entity, myself, that’s both non-human and that he perceives as male. I reciprocate his feelings but am… inexperienced. But I’m patient. So I’ll wait. And when Dean is ready, I’ll be here.”

From “And so I live on.

… this year really was the year for, like. Unexpected validation for random crap I put in fics, once. (Though this one is definitely better than the whole “global pandemic” one from FnN.)


I know it’s been like seven years and this ship has long since sailed, but…

MARSHALL: A person’s name.

MARSHAL: A title for a high-ranking military officer.

MARTIAL: Relating to war, combat, or the military.

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While we’re at it: the girls of K2, Vi and Ela (“they’re lesbians, Hermann…”).


Doodles of Omeletteverse!Newt versus ISO-Standard-30-something!Newt.

(True story the pinstripe in his vest is made of his name repeated over and over in tiny stitching.)